The staff at Heekin Clinic follows universal precautions for both our patients and our own safety. These universal precautions are included in the high standards we maintain to ensure a safe clinical and office environment and to protect ALL from infectious diseases. We are diligent about washing our hands, sterilizing medical instruments, disinfecting exam beds/rooms after each patient use, and following OSHA guidelines.

If you are experiencing fever, respiratory symptoms, cough or shortness of breath, traveled out of the country or enjoyed a cruise in the past 30 days, or have had contact with a person with suspected exposure to COVID-19, please inform our staff so that we may take additional precautions to prevent illness for our patients and team members at our office.

We are open during our normal business hours (Monday – Thursday 8:30am – 4:30PM & Friday 8:30am – 1:30PM).


a) Wash your hands often! (20 SECONDS of hand washing = healthy hands). If soap is not available, thoroughly clean your hand with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
b) Stay home when you are sick, especially if you have a fever. If possible, stay home from work, school and errands to prevent spreading your illness to others.
c) Avoid touching your face with your hands.
d) Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze/cough.
e) Get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of fluids (especially water), eat nutritious foods and be active.

Our prayers are with our patients and families and communities as we navigate through this pandemic.

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