3 Questions to ask your Surgeon before having Joint Replacement Surgery

Choosing a surgeon and where to have your total joint replacement surgery is an important decision and there are several factors to take into account. Asking your orthopedic surgeon these 3 questions can help you decide if your surgeon has the experience needed to have the best possible outcome regarding your joint replacement. 

1. Are total joint replacements performed routinely by you and your staff? 

Resurfacing the joint in a total joint replacement procedure is a unique type of surgical procedure, and experience and specialization matters when looking for a surgeon. It is important to look for an orthopedic surgeon who has been well trained in performing total joint replacement surgeries and is up to date on the best way to perform the procedure possible, such as using robotic arm-assisted surgical procedures. Likewise, the office staff, nurses, and physician assistants should also be well trained and experienced in the surgical procedures and care needed for total joint replacement patients. When a surgeon and staff routinely performs and specializes in joint replacements, they have the focus, knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with the best possible outcome.

The Heekin Clinic specializes in joint replacement procedures, and Dr. Heekin has set the standard for orthopedic care in Florida for over three decades. Dr. Eric Kim was chosen specially to join Dr. Heekin at his practice due to his exceptional training and skill in joint replacement surgeries. Along with Dr. Heekin and Dr. Kim, the medical professionals and staff at the Heekin Clinic also have over 30 years of experience, specifically in performing and perfecting, the joint replacement procedure.  


2. How many joint replacements does your hospital perform on a yearly basis? 

Studies have found that total joint replacement patients have greater satisfaction rates overall with surgeons and facilities with a higher volume of joint replacement procedures performed. With surgeons and hospitals who care for a larger number of joint replacement patients, the care can be streamlined to specifically improve the outcomes of the surgeries and take a more active approach to reducing the risk of complications.

Orthopedics is a speciality at Ascension St. Vincent’s, located in Riverside- Jacksonville, FL, where the Heekin Clinic surgeons perform the procedures. Ascension St. Vincent’s was the first hospital in the area to receive Joint Commission certification in hip and knee surgery and continues to be one of the highest volume hospitals in total joint replacement surgeries in the state. 

2. What steps will be done to improve my outcomes and reduce complications? 

When surgical procedures and post-operative care are implemented in a multi-disciplinary approach, the patient can expect better care from everyone involved to reach the best possible outcome. There should be a clear plan of care in place involving surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, physical therapists and care managers with steps in place ensuring that everyone involved in the managing the patient’s care up to the highest standard. 

At Ascension St. Vincent’s, Dr. Heekin himself founded the St. Vincent’s Orthopedic Center for Excellence. The Orthopedic Center of Excellence is the first of its kind to be Joint Commission Gold Seal Accredited as a comprehensive joint replacement program

The program begins with educating the patient and their families about the Joint Rehabilitation program, including education in “prehab” classes in preparation for surgery. The on-site program helps fully prepare the patient on what to expect from their surgery and over the course of their recovery.   

The admission process is streamlined to align with the needs of joint replacement patients to provide a better patient experience.

The Heekin Clinic provides the most advanced procedures, equipment, and implants when it comes to joint replacement surgery. In the state-of-the art operating room, Dr. Heekin has a proven record of low infection risks and complications risks. 

The post-operative care from the Heekin Clinic and the St. Vincent’s Center for Orthopedic Excellence involves a team of nurses, physical therapists, anesthesiologists, and medical assistants all trained in the highest standards of care for total joint replacements. This team of medical professionals works together to provide pain relief, mobility and return to home safely and early as possible. 

Studies show that getting moving as soon as possible after having joint replacement surgery results in better outcomes and better patient satisfaction. Total joint replacement patients can attend Ascension St. Vincent’s “Joint Camp.” This allows you to join your fellow patients in the orthopedic units physical therapy room, to work on total joint specific rehabilitation and education on transitioning to the home environment.

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