What records will I need to provide to you as a new patient of the Heekin Clinic?

If you are a patient of Southeast Orthopedic Specialists, you will need to complete a records request form found here so that we may obtain your records. If you are a patient of any other clinic you may request a release form by calling their office.

Why do I have to fill out forms again if I am already a patient of Dr. Heekin?

Although you have an established relationship with Dr. Heekin, your records will be new to the Heekin Clinic, and thus need to be updated.

What is your policy for releasing my records?

We have release forms in our office; otherwise you can fax a request that includes your personal information as well as information on where records are to be sent.

Is there a physician on call after hours?

Yes, we are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call our main number, 904-328-5979 for assistance. Please note that prescriptions are refilled during office hours only.

Will I need a referral to schedule an appointment?

We generally do not require a physician referral to our office for the purpose of scheduling an appointment with one of our physicians, unless this is a requirement by your insurance carrier.

Is reserved parking available at your location?

Yes, we have reserved parking on the 6th floor of the DePaul garage. The reserved parking is right next to the entrance to the building and because our office is located on the 6th floor, there will be no need to use the elevator. The hospital charges a $2 fee to park inside the DePaul garage.

Do I need to bring my outside X-rays or MRI to my visit?

While X-rays are generally not required, all MRIs or other image studies on CD or film that are pertinent to the part of body being examined need to be brought in with the patient.

How do I refill my prescription?

With a 48-hour notice, you may call your doctor’s assistant or you may call your pharmacy and they will request a refill from your doctor. Please note that Schedule II drugs cannot be refilled by phone and require a paper prescription.

Do you have a wheelchair available and are you handicapped accessible?

Yes and Yes. Please park on the 6th floor of the DePaul garage and call the office in advance if you require assistance getting into the building.

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